Fiscal representation services for VAT and customs in Switzerland

CONSAVO offers fiscal representation services for VAT and customs to foreign companies. In our function as fiscal representative, we act as intermediary between foreign companies and the Swiss tax and customs authorities.

Fiscal representation is necessary for companies that are not based in Switzerland but have a legal obligation to declare and pay VAT and customs duties here. The fiscal representative assumes legal responsibility for complying with these obligations on behalf of the foreign company.

Our fiscal representation services for foreign companies typically include:

  • Registration for VAT and customs purposes in Switzerland
  • Preparation and submission of periodical VAT and customs declarations
  • Payment of VAT and customs duties on behalf of the foreign company
  • Communication with the Swiss authorities regarding VAT and customs matters
  • Representation of the foreign company in case of VAT and customs audits or disputes

Fiscal representation services are particularly important for foreign companies with no physical presence in Switzerland. These companies may face significant administrative burdens and legal risks if they do not comply with Swiss VAT and customs regulations.

By using our fiscal representation services, foreign companies can ensure that their obligations are met and that they remain in compliance with Swiss laws and regulations.

A typical example of clients requiring our fiscal representation services are foreign webshops / e-commerce businesses supplying goods to Swiss customers from abroad. We help you develop the right shipping strategy which will make you successful in Switzerland from day one.

With a DDP delivery – taxed and customs cleared – you will achieve the highest customer satisfaction and thus meet the needs of Swiss customers. You deliver and charge like local online stores in Switzerland, which means that the customer will not receive additional invoices for Swiss
VAT and customs duties.

If for example you are already supplying goods to Germany and/or Austria via an online store, an expansion to Switzerland in order to cover the entire DACH region is usually the next logical step when scaling up your business: No language barriers, identical customer needs with high purchasing power and reasonable additional operational efforts.

Due to the fact that Switzerland is not a member of the EU Customs Union, there are some specialities and unique customs procedures for cross-border activities that foreign companies need to take into consideration when entering the Swiss market.

At CONSAVO, we help you setting up the process in the most optimal way avoiding tax and customs clearance pitfalls.

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