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CONSAVO provides comprehensive services in the areas of law, taxes, accounting and auditing for corporations and individuals in an international alignment.
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Everything is interconnected – especially when it comes to the different legal areas. At CONSAVO, we advise companies, entrepreneurs and private individuals in all legal matters. We guarantee reliable solutions for legal issues, international relocations as well as estate and wealth planning.

Reliable accounting and reporting are crucial for every company and form the basis of every management’s control and decision-making processes. That is why experts are needed in the fiduciary sector who understand both the figures and their partners.


Expert tax guidance plays an essential role in ensuring a business’s success. Given the ever-changing landscape of tax laws and regulations, a combination of specialized knowledge and practical experience is required to keep track.


While our focus on financials is complemented by careful consideration of your corporate environment and business strategy, we assist you with the preparation of all required documentation for statutory and special purpose audits.

We bring together what is inherently intertwined:
legal, accounting & tax advice.

What applies to a mosaic also applies to all legal and finance matters: Details ought to be mastered perfectly to create an excellent bigger picture. That is why CONSAVO offers you a broad palette of specialized services to deliver a successful overall performance.

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We master numbers – the big ones and the small ones, those from accounting and those in international tax law. But we also understand people. Because behind numbers, there are always the desires and needs of entrepreneurs, financial managers, and individuals. That’s why we offer you what matters: a profound expertise in tax, finance, and accounting, and a collaborative partnership that enables sustainable success.

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